Pebble is a light and compact stove for camping use.untitled.99

During hikes and camping trips, we carry our home on our backs. Hence every item should be the lightest and smallest possible. However, stoves available on the market tend to be quite heavy (between 150 g and 1,5 kg) and bulky in a bag. Inspired by a DIY stove made out of a can only weighting 10 g, I was challenged to turn it into an actual product.

Pebble uses liquid alcohol, meaning that the amount of fuel to bring on the trip is adjustable to the user’s needs, a major advantage compared to a gas stove. Place the stove into the nest, fill it with liquid alcohol and start the fire: the alcohol will move air in the compression chamber and burn through the holes.


untitled.101pebble 1pebble 2untitled.100untitled.106 copypebble cross section


A windproof nest encircles the stove for better security, stability and performance. Food can be either cooked in a pan or grilled. Pebble would be about 30 grams and all its components can be nested within a pan.